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Convention Rules

The objective of a convention is to have fun, so we need just a few rules to stop anyone else from stopping you having fun.

These are detailed in the Safety Policy and Weapons Policy.

What is an SF Convention?

SF Conventions come in two flavours: consumer, and participatory.

There are the big flashy shows like Armageddon Pulp Expo which you've probably heard of. These employ many people, pay attendance fees to big-name actors, and charge you an admittance fee.

You go there as a customer, to buy entertainment.

Then there are the smaller conventions, like this one, which are about people getting together.

You come to a convention to make new friends and have fun together. (And if you come to the next convention, to meet old friends as well.)

So it's free?

Well, not quite.

We still need to pay to get in the door because the venue and sundry suppliers need to be paid, but nobody organizing it is making any money off it. In fact, we go out of way to assure you of this: all profits, if there are any, go to charity.

Your biggest expense will probably be the hotel accommodation — so you don't have to go home after the 2:00 am filking and room parties.

How to have fun

If you've never tried "making your own fun" before, it's really about time you tried it; it's so much more, well, more fun than the spoon-fed variety.

Everyone has their own idea of what's "fun", so there are several streams of activity.

(In the end we couldn't actually fit all of these on the program. If you're thinking about going to future conventions, make sure you let the organisers know early which events you'd like to see, so they're more likely to make the final program.)

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